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Helena Ramalhinho at NovaMath seminar

Speaker: Helena Ramalhinho (Universidad Pompeu Fabra)

Date/time: 05/12/2022 (Monday), at 16:30

Location: room 1.19 building VII

Title: Optimization with Social Impact


Analytics focuses on transforming data into insights by applying advanced analytical methods, based on mathematics, statistics, operations research and artificial intelligent models and algorithms, with the objective to improve the performance of an organization. One of the main tools in Analytics is Optimization. In this talk, we present the optimization tools and methodologies applied to NonProfit Organizations (NPO). We will describe applications of  Mathematical Programming Models and Metaheuristics Algorithms to Social Care, Healthcare, Humanitarian Logistics and Environmental organizations. Examples of applications of Optimization in these organizations are: home health care logistics and scheduling; location of the primary health care centers or schools; planning the humanitarian aid distribution; planning a sustainable transportation, etc. We will also discuss the main aspects of these models and algorithms, and the main differences to other more frequent applications, as in manufacturing and retailing industries.