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The Research Centre

NOVA MATH (Centre for Mathematics and Applications) is a research unit of Faculty of Sciences and Technology of NOVA University of Lisbon that develops, promotes and funds research in various areas of Pure and Applied Mathematics. It was created in 1993 as a result of the expansion of the Centre of Statistics, Numerical Analysis and Optimization. Currently has over 103 members, divided into four research groups (Algebra and Logic, Analysis, Statistics and Risk Management and Operations Research). NOVA MATH is associated at national and international doctoral programs. In the last assessment made by the Foundation for Science and technology, NOVA MATH was rated as “very good”.
Our strategy for the upcoming years is as follows:
  1. To promote high-level scientific research in pure and applied Mathematics, encouraging its visibility.
  2. To create the best conditions for a scientific interchange, not only between the different groups of the Unit, but also between Mathematics and other areas of knowledge.
  3.  To develop mathematical techniques and use them to solve real-life problems, including industrial mathematics and problems with social relevance.
  4.  To attract new projects, especially projects funded by the European Union.
  5. To attract high-level Ph.D. candidates and Post-doctoral fellows at national and international level.
  6. To promote Scientific Employment inside the Unit.
  7. To promote the interest of young students in Mathematics and its applications.
  8. To increase the visibility of the research done by NOVA MATH.

NOVA MATH at the NOVA Research Portal.