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PhD Programmes

It is one of NovaMath’s missions the training and social enhancement of human resources dedicated to scientific research, in collaboration with higher education institutions.
The PhD is possibly the main stage in the process of training in research, being the stage where the main routines that are the basis for the advancement of science and technology are developed.
NovaMath has the human and facilities resources that allow the development of research work to carrie out your PhD. NovaMath welcomes PhD students from different higher education institutions, who carry out their work under the guidance of one of its members, including them in our research teams.
If you want to complete your PhD at NovaMath, see possible research areas on the “Research Training Projects” webpage, or speak to one of our members directly (use our contact email who will take care of referring you to the member).


NovaMath has PhD scholarships (see open calls; next call: Summer 2021), for the doctoral program in mathematics at FCT NOVA. General information on how to apply can be found here. Please contact us for more information before you submit your application. See also here for general information on studying in Portugal.

There are also PhD scholarships funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), for which NovaMath can be the host institution (please contact us). See  more information on how to apply here.

More funding opportunities can be found here.

Training Center

NovaMath’s has an Advanced Training Center to help and guide our students. We also have a Welcome Center to Grant Holders (Núcleo de Acompanhamento dos Bolseiros – email: cma.secretariado at Feel free to contact us.