4th edition of the Winter School Mathmasters

The Department of Mathematics of NOVA School of Science and Technology (NOVA-SST), with the support of the NOVA MATH, will host the 4th edition of the Winter School Mathmasters, from 17th to 19th January of 2022.

This school is intended to take place on site but due to the constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, if needed, the school will migrate to the online format

Mathmasters School is aimed at all students attending a degree in MathematicsEngineeringEconomics or Management and who are considering complementing their training with a Master’s degree in pure or applied Mathematics.

In this 4th edition the themes are the following:

  1. Fundamentally  Mathematics
  2. What is an Actuary?
  3. What may Teleworkers and Clams have in common?
  4. Operations Research in the Service of Industry
  5. Computational Mathematical Finance
  6. Analytics and Big Data
  7. Estatística para a Saúde (MSc in portuguese)
  8. Ensino da Matemática (MSc in portuguese)
  9. Parceiros: Presentes e Futuros

You can participate in all the courses of the School or on those of your interest. Please register here.